Which song do the hyenas sing? Is that how they break into society and gain rights? First by establishing themselves as “performers”?

Actually it’s called “Be Prepared” and the dance routine is comprised of goose stepping.

Is that an actual scene? In the movie? That seems dark for children.

It is an actual scene. They goose step while Scar is placed high on a podium, gesticulating. It’s impossible not to watch as an adult and think about the Nuremberg Rally.


Funny bits from The Gloss trying to find meaning in The Lion King.

I always had strange feelings around this movie. Something about it being the only Disney film set in Africa and starring animals. Like, could they not draw a black person? Also, Mufasa’s death is so traumatic, and Scar’s would have been if eight year old me hadn’t been so blind. THEY ATE HIM! I always thought the hyenas crowded him to death or at the very worst, they trampled him in a twist or irony. THEY ATE HIM! No complaints about the music though. The music was perfect, JTT was perfect and Miss Flowers was a dream.

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